Dave Burke is a licensed architect with a solid track record designing and building beautiful Santa Barbara homes.

Presently in California, architecture involves much more than creating beautiful and functional designs.  Due to all of the State and Local land use, zoning and environmental laws there is an entire architectural sub-profession dedicated to the preparation and processing of land use applications just to obtain permission to build anything at all on your property.  There are Planning Professionals who are dedicated solely to the process of obtaining entitlements who work with Architects as a team to get projects approved.

Burke Design offers comprehensive services that encompass architecture, land use planning,  entitlements, and construction.  Our services, expertise, and familiarity with the Santa Barbara permitting process will spare you costly hours and headaches while bringing your dream home to reality.

The land development and entitlement process is not a strictly linear process.  Often it makes sense to draw up land use and building plans while we simultaneously meet with government officials, proceed with the design review and then determine project costs so you can seek financing as needed.

Burke Design integrates these specialties at the highest level possible providing you with the maximum possible convenience. We get the job done and stay on top of the essential project details.  We look forward to making your next home project a smooth and enjoyable one.