Dave Burke is a licensed architect with a solid track record designing and building beautiful Santa Barbara homes.



Need help getting a project through planning? Are you having difficulty securing a permit? Burke Design can help you through the entitlement process and manage the project timelines.



From Blueprints to final move-in we are a purveyor of residential and commercial builds, renovations and remodels for custom homes.



Who better to build a product than the people who designed the original plan, and vice versa?



Over the years we have been involved with a number of commercial construction projects in the tri-county area, greater Los Angeles, and the Bay Area.



Burke Design provides a full range of design & build home and business remodeling services that will guide you through the complex process of building permits and construction.



At Burke Design and Build, we do not believe in flooding landfills with construction materials that can easily be recycled. We make use of these valuable resources by incorporating them into Santa Barbara green home construction wherever possible.



I’ve worked on a number of steel building projects including Taft Electric in Carpinteria and the Santa Barbara Voting Records building.

Case Study: Bella Riviera - Transforming a Hospital into Housing for Hospital Foundation Employees in Santa Barbara


When the old St. Francis Hospital went out of business, it left behind a defunct hospital sitting on six acres of prime residential real estate in the foothills of Santa Barbara.


The Cottage Hospital Foundation immediately saw a great opportunity to provide affordable housing for its employees within the Cottage Medical System.


They purchased the property and obtained approval to demolish the old hospital in order to build a new 115-unit condominium project, of which 81 units would be reserved for hospital employees at subsidized prices and 34 unites would be marketed to the general public at market rate prices.


The project consists of 45 separate one, two, and three-story building design types, including duplex and triplex units with one, two, and three-bedroom units. Most of the units have ocean views. The Bella Riviera project also includes underground parking structures and drainage basins designed to reduce storm runoff. The design of the complex is meant to blend in with the varied styles of the historic “Bungalow” neighborhood district surrounding the project.




Room Additions


Are you planning to add a room? Perhaps an office or another bedroom?

How about a second story?

Could your kitchen be made more efficient and appealing?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should contact Burke Design. We take the hassle out of design and build because we can handle all aspects of your project from concept to completion. Do it the right way and avoid the mistake of hiring a contractor who doesn’t understand the demands of good architectural design and local requirements. Let us spare you the headaches because we know how to make the whole process as painless as possible. To that end we provide design and build services including:

  • Discuss your ideas
  • Plan within your budget
  • Prepare designs
  • Take care of the red tape
  • Coordinate with structural, mechanical, electrical experts
  • Get your building permit approval
  • Complete on time and within your budget

Tenant Improvements

  • Initial meeting with you to determine your project goals
  • Preparation of preliminary designs for your approval
  • Preliminary government agency research on entitlements and processing
  • We represent you at government boards and agencies
  • Obtain design and entitlement approvals
  • Prepare construction documents for building permit
  • Employ needed consultants for structural, mechanical, electrical
  • Obtain building permit
  • Provide complete construction services to build the project

Zoning, Planning, entitlements

When planning a new project the very first step is to determine whether your property is suitable for the type of project that you have in mind. Determining the City Assigned Zone for your property is important but your zoning is only one of many issues that can affect how and what you can build on your property. Many people think that if you just have the right zone you can go ahead with your building plans, get your permit and build away!… Not So, most of the time now in California, since there are many issues that must be resolved before you even think about starting construction documents. A better term for getting permission to build is called ” Entitlements”. In other words you need to go through the “Planning” review process and jump through all the hoops to obtain the approvals from all of the reviewing agencies who will give their permission for you to build your project and then when everyone has given their approval for what you want to do you are then Entitled to build your project. It is a long and arduous process that most people are not equipped to handle.

Burke Design is equipped to handle the Entitlement process because as an Architectural firm we have to deal with governing agencies every day to obtain their approvals. Many of the agencies require architectural or Civil Engineering plans for their evaluations or Design Review Boards want presentations of the design and neighbors want input into the design so it can get very complex. We prepare the plans needed for these agencies, we work with the Civil Engineer on site issues, we work with Landscape architects on site design and other consultants. As the Architect we are sort of the quarterback for the entitlement team keeping everyone on track to obtain that elusive zone clearance stamp of approval that will allow you to move forward with your construction.

Zoning Enforcement Corrections

A Zoning Enforcement Issue is like an expensive traffic ticket… Something that can really screw up your life!!!. When you get that noxious letter from the Zoning Enforcement Officer or Building Official notifying you that something is wrong on your property that either violates the zoning code or building code (or both) it is very disconcerting as they usually put a time limit with fines if you don’t correct the problem. Typically an enforcement action is the result of the sale of the property, where the City’s zoning report would point out a problem, or a tenant could complain or a neighbor might complain about something that would trigger an inspection.

As an Architect and Contractor we can help you identify the problem and come up with a plan of action that will satisfy the enforcement officials and give you some breathing room. There could be a combination of zoning and building issues that require an Entitlement action, Zoning Action, Building Permit and Construction for a final solution. We have all of those disciplines in house so you are dealing with one firm and one source of responsibility. No one likes to get those letters but at least we can guide you through the process.